Coming april 2021. Only a handful will be selected into our 4 step framework program.

Get the business (and life) support you need to launch and grow the business and brand of your dreams.

The World Needs The Dream You Hold Inside Of You

You’ve had a vision in your heart for such a long time... A multi-million dollar business idea that you have no idea how to package and sell.

million dollar ideas

Negative thoughts and self-doubt consume you, and you’re feeling the effects of imposter syndrome almost every day.

imposter syndrome

You feel like everyone is looking at you and you’re afraid of failing and rejection, but, if you’re being true with yourself, you’re even more afraid of success.

fear of success

The red icon on your email tab says you have 12,984 unread emails because you’ve grabbed every freebie PDF in existence and now you’re on ten thousand email lists all giving conflicting business advice.

information overload

You’re working diligently day and night but you’re seeing no results! This is leaving you exhausted, frustrated, and losing the passion you had when you started.


Tell me if any of this sounds familiar to you…

The answer is YES, I am, because I WAS YOU, and that’s why I can pinpoint all of those things that you’re going through.
And so here’s the thing…

If you’re thinking “Is she in my head?”

You don’t need to go on this journey alone.

Imagine taking your rightful place as pilot of your own life, flying to your goals.  When you look to the right of you there is your co-pilot mentoring you on exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it, what not to do, and answering any questions you may have along the way. You have left fear and imposter syndrome on the runway by taking control of your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. You have identified your Zone Of Genius and are building your brand using the tools, strategies, systems, and know how from your co-pilot. You can effortlessly navigate through the storms of life and business. You’re sharing your gifts with the world and are seen as a trailblazer and the go-to expert in your field. Your brand is making a positive impact in the community because you have transformed your life to support your business and now your business is supporting the life you want through its multiple streams of income.  You see, the thing is that this IS possible, and is all within your reach, you just need some guidance and tools to get you there.


let's soar


A Business (And Life) Development Program For Melanated Millennials That Are Ready To Step Into Their Power And Change Their Lives, Their Communities, And The World

Let’s Soar is a 4-part framework where, with the help of your co-pilot, you work to remove self-doubt and take
your rightful place in the pilot seat of your business (and your life!) by packaging your unique life story, knowledge, talents, education, experience, and voice to build the profitable brand and business you’ve been
dreaming of.

Unlike other coaching programs, we begin inside of you and move forward with a holistic approach.


First we start with the foundation of your business - your LIFE.

We identify and remove the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual blocks that could wreak havoc in your business in the long run.  Once the blocks are removed or properly managed, we ignite that energic passion that brought you to your vision in the first place and build up the systems to bring your business to life. We then package your story to build a brand that is authentically you, and that speaks to your target audience so they’ll stay with you forever.  And then you SCALE! This includes hiring a team and getting set up with multiple streams of income.

Let’s Soar is different from other coaching programs because it’s a hands-on, comprehensive mentorship that focuses on the heartbeat of the brand which is


This holistic approach will help you build the life that you desire, and an authentic brand you’re proud of and excited about that has multiple streams of income.

Before we go any further, I want to introduce you to your co-pilot!

I’m your life and business coach who has known for many years that this was my purpose in life. As a “Jill of all trades,” I am committed to helping others achieve their full potential in this journey called life by building brands that change lives and communities. Not only have I been in the forefront but also behind the scenes of some of the best entrepreneurial ventures.  

meet brittany

I know you want to know all about who you are about to fly to your goal with right?


check your baggage

So many of us are holding so much unnecessary baggage - mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically - and it holds us back from living the life we want and running the business of our dreams. This baggage doesn’t serve us!

So, to start off, we identify all of the things that are weighing you down. We’ll look at the ideas that you have about yourself, having money, being a business owner, being a leader, and more. Then, we unpack these negative thoughts and leave them behind, one by one. 

Do you know how good it will feel to drop that weight?

We’re also going to look at what’s weighing you down week-to-week in your SCHEDULE. What are you carrying around on your calendar that you can drop? What doesn’t make sense for you to continue tending to? Let’s shift some things around and make a stop and unload what is no longer needed.

We will also dive into setting BOUNDARIES with the people in your life. We carry so much responsibility and do so many things for so many people - implementing rules and healthy boundaries for the passengers in your life will be a crucial part to your success.

but without doing this work, you will crash and burn, and you will lose everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.  You’ll emerge lighter and with a clear understanding of who YOU are and have confidence in yourself as a business owner and a leader.

Module 1 will lay the foundation for building your entire business moving forward.

This is the “not so fun” unsexy part of business


All Aboard

As an entrepreneur, YOU are your brand, and now that you’re crystal clear about who you are, we’re going to build out all of your branding elements and backend business systems to make sure that your business foundation is rock-solid.

Your logo and brand palette are going to be authentically YOU and resonate with your ideal clients (so they gravitate to you without hesitation!). We build out your signature program/offering and set up all of your onboarding systems so that your clients feel like a VIP through every single step of their journey with you. 

You’ll receive business training, create an ideal customer avatar that is accurate, perfect your elevator pitch, set up your scheduling systems, and map out your ideal customer journey to ensure that there are no holes in

To round this module off, you’ll create your very first lead magnet, sales funnel, and email sequence so you can start to build that like, know, and trust with your ideal customers.



This is the part of business people LOVE and often jump ahead to…

It’s photoshoot, website, and social media time!



You have done so much heavy lifting over the last 24 weeks, now it’s time to put your business on autopilot and watch it GROW while you sit back and… enjoy!

After you hire your lawyer, pass off your numbers to your accountant, and hire a team to manage your inbox, we’re going to look at all of the different ways you can leverage your revenue and build up multiple streams of income. The opportunities are endless and we’ll find the route that works best for you and YOUR dreams.

And then… we CELEBRATE! You did it! You’re flying high above the clouds and you deserve to be celebrated for all of the hard work you put in. You built the business of your dreams and that was no easy task.

But before we dive into any of that....

Because you have rock-solid foundations and backend systems in place, you’re ready to create a content plan and ramp up your social media presence so clients can start finding you. 

Everything you put out on social media and onto your website will have a purpose, and be written in a way that
attracts your ideal client. Your followers and email list will grow, and you will be showcasing your authority in
your niche! 

Hello, expert.

...we have a 90-minute onboarding call so I can get to know you, see how you best work, and find out YOUR dream version of your business and life. You’ll put together a dream board (you laugh now but just wait until the things on your dream board start appearing in your life..) and take a personality test so that I can understand exactly how you best learn and work.

And, to help support you further, you’ll receive LIVE training and support from 

6 different experts in various fields of business:

Financial Literacy Advisor

Brand & Web Designer

Sales Copywriter

It’s time to package your life story, your knowledge, your talents, your education, your experience, and your voice to build a profitable brand that you love. Together we clarify your life, brand, and business vision to SOAR high. 

It’s time to package your life story, your knowledge, your talents, your education, your experience, and your voice to build a profitable brand that you love. Together we clarify your life, brand, and business vision to SOAR high. 

It’s time to package your life story, your knowledge, your talents, your education, your experience, and your voice to build a profitable brand that you love. Together we clarify your life, brand, and business vision to SOAR high. 




Each expert will be hosting office hours OR offering daily support inside of our Slack channel for two weeks following their presentations so that you can get the one-on-one support from them that you need, and follow up with any outstanding questions you may have.

At the end of our 7 months together, you’ll have an incredible business, a rock-solid mindset and brand to support it, and all of the systems, tools, and support that you need to SOAR to success far beyond our time together.

Here's what berenice has to say

Brittany pushed me to get the best results in order to serve people in the best way.

"Starting a business is not easy, and knowing that someone is there for you is the best thing ever."

Are You Ready To Be The Pilot Of Your Life And Business?

We board the plane on April 19th, 2021

You have two choices in Let’s Soar - individual one-on-one training (“The Mentorship”), or small group training (“The Academy”). 

Both programs are identical outside of the weekly training calls; the one-on-one program receives my full, undivided attention during calls, and the group program shares the attention.

Pay in Full

Make 4 Payments



$950/ month for 6 months

$1450/ month for 6 months

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from our clients

Brittany is a consummate professional with an impressive & versatile background in serial entrepreneurship, branding, holistic wellness & lifestyle. Among her many admirable traits, what stands out to me is her authenticity, integrity & authority as a leader and business woman. I have referred/connected friends to Brittany Monet and the impactful work she does. Without hesitation, I would recommend her services to other future clients.

Stephanie A.

Working with Brittany allowed to me remain focused on my main goal and complete each task efficiently. She is willing to dedicate the time needed to help her clients. One of her best qualities is that of being reliable. She is also trustworthy and honest when relaying her perspective on matters. I would without hesitation recommend working with her for your business needs.


Brittany has the innate ability to look into your business and find the greatest areas of need. Although we are in the same line of business, she was able to help me better align my business to my core audience. Yes, I would recommend Brittany's services. Just be sure to complete her questionnaire and she takes it from there. 

Maria W.

Here is my guarantee to you as your co-pilot

If you put in the work and apply the framework provided to you, the time and money you invest in yourself will change your life and business. But because YOU are the one that has to put in the work, follow the advice of the professionals, and show up every single day… I cannot guarantee you results.

Only YOU can guarantee that.


Just want to start another business because everyone else is doing it and you want to hop on the trend

Are already making excuses in your head for why you can’t show up for weekly training

Aren’t willing to put in the work and make sacrifices to find the time for the program

Want to hold on to old beliefs and ways and have no intention of changing

Want to take the seemingly “easy” route and do not want to be shown another way to succeed

Are planning to start an e-commerce or brick and mortar business (this just isn’t the mentorship for you!)

Are passionate about what you have been called to do and genuinely care about the people’s lives you will impact

Have the desire to build a brand that will do meaningful work in the world

Want to package your talents, gifts, experience, story, and education by utilizing the skills, systems, strategies and frameworks in the program

Are committed to building a brand even if that means getting out of your comfort zone and making things happen

You are ready for Let’s Soar if you…

You are NOT ready for Let’s Soar if you…

you have two choices now


You can click off of this page right now. In a year from now, you’ll look back on 2021 and realize that a full
year has passed you by and you spent an entire year spinning your wheels on the runway. 

option 1


You’ll be stressed, overstretched, and not much further ahead in your business than where you are right now.

You can apply for a spot in Let’s Soar and give yourself the chance to take flight and SOAR to the business, brand, and life of your dreams. You’ll have the support of a co-pilot that understands how to get you where you want to go, and will provide you with everything that you need to build a profitable business and brand time and time again.

In 8 months from now, you’ll either have launched your business, be booking clients and speaking engagements effortlessly, and have more time for self-care, family, and things that matter the most to you… or you won’t. It’s that simple.

option 2


Submitting an application for Let’s Soar does not not guarantee you will be accepted, and it is
not a commitment to the program, either. Your application ensures that we are the right fit for each other!

Each client is selected based on their application. If you are selected, I will invite you to book a 30-45 mins discovery call so we can get to know each other personally. I only work with a handful of clients per year, so it is important that we have chemistry and that I get the sense that you are committed to investing in yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and monetarily as much as I am. 

My honor and integrity will not allow me to commit to a client if I do not know that I can push you to your highest potential in all areas of your life in order to mentor you to a sustainable life and business that you have visioned over and over again.

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What is the time commitment per week?

When do we start?

Do you offer refunds?

Can I enroll next time?

How much access do I have to Brittany Monet?

How big are the groups for the group coaching program?

We have 1 – 1.5hrs of active coaching calls a week and you MUST be willing to invest 5 – 10 additional hours per week to your personal and professional development as an entrepreneur.

What is the time commitment per week?

When do we start?

Do you offer refunds?

Can I enroll next time?

How much access do I have to Brittany Monet?

How big are the groups for the group coaching program?

You can do as you like. However, do you REALLY want to wait another year - 2022? Our
program only launches once a year; do you want to let an entire year pass you by?

What is the time commitment per week?

When do we start?

Do you offer refunds?

Can I enroll next time?

How much access do I have to Brittany Monet?

How big are the groups for the group coaching program?

I am your co-pilot - we are in this together! You have full access to me by email or WhatsApp, and depending on the matter, I will hop on a video or phone call with you.

we have answers...


are you ready to soar?

Please do not apply unless you are serious about putting in the work.

My #1 goal is to make sure you get a return on your investment, but that will only happen if you do the work.

If you think you're ready for that, apply now!

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