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Brittany Monet

Hello, I'm

Virginia birthed me, Panama runs through my blood, Pennsylvania & New Jersey raised me, but Puerto Rico is where I blossomed.


Christian Entrepreneur. Every aspect of my life is influenced by Jehovah God and His word the Bible. I wouldn’t be where I am as a thriver and not just a survivor of life’s dramatic moments if it were not for Him. 


Having a colorful professional background in industries such as lifestyle and beauty, banking, event planning, public speaking, teacher and educator helped birth the Life and Business coach you see today.


My mom taught me how to do a lot of things so that I’ll always be able to do something 

Jill of all trades

There is nothing shallow about this girl. Come ready to always have great conversations

Deep conversations 

I’m different because I pray. I pray for wisdom to ride with you through this journey toward success


My mind is always in creative entrepreneur mode. It is filled with tons of ideas that I am willing to share

Great Ideas

 Even though I will have salmon or red snapper on occasion, it has to be fresh 

Being Vegan

Your best friend, sister, auntie, momma bear, and a whole lot of Iyanla Fix my Life. 

my support

 I love to smile. Sometimes you will see my smile long before you see me :)

my smile

Long before attending any school, my mother taught me skills no school could teach me. As a single parent, she instilled in me an independent, go-getter attitude, taught me to be a visionary, and most importantly have a deep love for people. 

This birthed the self-taught, serial entrepreneur whose passion is helping heart-centered entrepreneurs achieve success in life and business that you see today. 

My background spans several industries – beauty, fashion, public speaking, event planning, holistic healthcare, emotional therapy, career coaching, branding and marketing, education, and travel. 

The common thread tying these experiences together is teaching and mentoring others in each role, combined with my entrepreneurial spirit. No matter what professional title I carried, I learned to master the art of knowing what my client needed without them uttering a single word.

I’ve worked with many different types of people throughout my career, negotiating contracts, planning and managing large events. I’ve even coached others on the art of public speaking. 

After years of experience, fear, and self-doubt, I chose to soar. Today I have combined my childhood trauma-turned-triumph, education, knowledge, entrepreneurial success and failures, skills, and mindset birthed the LET’S SOAR program. Guess what? I want to do the same for you.

THE journey

let's get social:


Graduated high school at the age of 15


Mentored under one of the great event planners in my area


Became a licensed Cosmetologist at the age of 17


Founded the YETT Program, the Young Entrepreneurs of Today and Tomorrow, to mentor young adults in business and life skills


Vowed to create my own hours and set out as a freelancer and entrepreneur and I never looked back


Received my certification in Naturopathic Holistic Care and Emotional Therapy


I started and failed The Premier Management Firm whose sole purpose was to launch the career of aspiring models.


Myherbalicity was started with my mom and expanded into a successful business with clients and speaking engagements in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.


While in Puerto Rico I started a small business helping more than 250 travelers and newcomers enjoy life in Puerto Rico.


I gave my job 1-month's notice, packed my bags, and moved to Puerto Rico for 7 years to be involved in voluntary missionary work.


As a certified TEFL instructor, I have aided more than 1500 students from China, Taiwan, Brazil, Turkey, Puerto Rico, France, Dubai. and Mexico improves their English speaking skills.


My largest event to date is a $1.5 million deal with 15,000 guests, 150 staff members, over a 5 day period of time.


Launched the Let’s Soar program!!!

and it's just getting started...

tv show:




sweet tea



- Malachi 3:10

“Test me out, please, in this regard,” Jehovah of armies says, “to see whether I will not open to you the floodgates of the heavens and pour out on you a blessing until there is nothing lacking.”

best friend

my mom

my favorite things

let's get to know each other better

summer, summer, summer

The Bible

Law & Order

anywhere with amazing buffalo cauliflower and fries

from our clients

Results from her program are experienced from the very beginning. The journey she sets you on begins with an exploration and discovery of oneself It’s truly not a gimmick. This is a system of realistic steps designed to ensure that a person realizes their full potential utilizing one’s knowledge, talents, technology, community, and a wide range of other resources. I look forward to our very productive meetings and weekly assignments.

Our sister Brittany Monet is the real deal. I would recommend her to anyone ……………..except my competition.

Hopeton H.

Something that changed in me after working with Brittany was she helped me to see that whatever business venture that I want to pursue must have a purpose and I must have a target audience. I must be able to help them solve a problem that they have. I would definitely recommend other entrepreneurs to work with Britany especially if that person is serious and knows exactly what they want. Brittny will be one of the best guides/mentors to help you to reach that goal. She is the best co-pilot that you will ever encounter.


Brittany is a consummate professional with an impressive & versatile background in serial entrepreneurship, branding, holistic wellness & lifestyle. Among her many admirable traits, what stands out to me is her authenticity, integrity & authority as a leader and business woman. I have referred/connected friends to Brittany Monet and the impactful work she does. Without hesitation, I would recommend her services to other future clients.

Stephanie A.

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