Preventing you from taxiing on the runway of life & business. 


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Is This You?

"I am all over the place. Please point me in the right direction. Where do I go from here?"


“What kind of business is that?” “You will never make money doing that.” “Where did you get that idea from?” “That is never going to work.” 


How can I materialize this passion God has put on my heart. 


This has been on my heart for so long and I feel like time is running away from me.  


I’m not good enough. I’m stuck. I’m never going to make it.


I feel so alone. No one understands my vision. 



I am the co-pilot for you and your service-based business. I have been in your shoes. My zone of genius is being a VISION CREATOR. When you share your story and vision with me, I mentor you in navigating the removal of life obstacles and create systems & strategies in your business. You will be EMPOWERED to gain momentum for takeoff to weather any storm that may come your way, and SOAR to great heights with ease. Applying my proven mentorship, combined with your vision, you will be guaranteeing your own Return on Investment (ROI) up to 88%.

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it is possible to...

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I’m your life and business coach who has known for many years that this was my purpose in life. As a “Jill of all trades,” I am committed to helping others achieve their full potential in this journey called life by building brands that change lives and communities. Not only have I been in the forefront but also behind the scenes of some of the best entrepreneurial ventures.  

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I know you want to know all about who you are about to fly to your goal with right?

Are you ready to step into your power? 

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Book this 90min laser-focused one-on-one session with me. If you are feeling stuck and need clarity and guidance on where you should focus your energy this call is for you. Trust me it does not have to be hard. You already have the passion inside of you to ignite that engine and align with your life mission. 

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You will work with me to develop a unique personalized action plan to help you soar to your business (and life) goals. This call will leave you empowered and excited to take the next steps in your business (and life). Turn your big idea into your big into multiple streams of income.

You are looking for massive clarity on how to package your zone of genius

this call is for you if:

You are in scrabbling around trying to find your niche and ideal client

You are in need of a strong strategy to build the brand you have always envisioned 

You are ready to take action, step into your power, and make a big impact in your industry

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from our clients

I enjoyed working with Brittany for many reason, but mostly it was her warm approach and professional demeanor. She made me feel very comfortable from start to finish and kept me informed at all times. I never had to guess or assume what was going on. I absolutely would recommend Brittany to my friends and family. I would tell them that Brittany is kind, humble, and reliable. Brittany was always available when I needed her and always made me feel as though I was her only client. She is always determined to help and get problems resolved. 

Blake R.

Brittany Monet has been a blessing not only for my business, but for my personal life as well! She is my mentor, cheerleader, older sister, accountability coach, and more! Brittany always has an open ear and an open heart for me. She is an excellent listener, and understands how to take in my energy and give it back to me in a clarified and non judgemental way. I would recommend her services to anyone, no matter what stage of your business you are at!


Brittany is a consummate professional with an impressive & versatile background in serial entrepreneurship, branding, holistic wellness & lifestyle. Among her many admirable traits, what stands out to me is her authenticity, integrity & authority as a leader and business woman. I have referred/connected friends to Brittany Monet and the impactful work she does. Without hesitation, I would recommend her services to other future clients.

Stephanie A.

Vision Board That Actually Works
2021 Edition

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Creating a vision board can be fun, but then what? Nothing is going to just come to you by looking at it. You need to create an action plan from start to finish. Use this Vision Board Tool Kit to achieve the vision you want for your life. 

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Coming April 2021


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